Vitamin D Can Also D-feat Oily Skin

How many of us are inclined to think that oily skin is only for teenagers? Wrong. Oily skin, especially the kind that gives way to acne, can affect anyone at any time, regardless of your age or how long you have gone through life without experiencing acne, either as a teenager or an adult. Causes

How Vitamin B6 Can Help Your Acne

A simple trip down the vitamin and health supply aisle of your nearest grocer will have you believe that there are an infinite amount of supplements and pills you should be taking in order to improve your health, restore your immune system, get a better night’s sleep, and so on. Think about it: we are

Eggs and Acne

If our article on the effects of milk on your acne didn’t convince you to lay off the dairy products, this article might. Enter another dairy culprit that might be responsible for your breakouts: eggs. And the interesting part about this connection is that there is a huge difference in the way organic and non-organic

Treatment Options for Demodex in Men

If you’re anything like me, the first time you heard about Demodex, you probably thought, “What the heck is Demodex?” It is not a well-known term unless of course you are treating a Demodex-related issue on your skin, and until recently, many researchers did not know what to make of it. In short, Demodex refers